Best Roofing companies in San Diego, CA

If your roof inspection turns up nothing more than a few missing or split shingles, defective fleshings, or rain gutters clogged with debris, the necessary repairs can probably be made rather simply, and you will probably choose to make them yourself. Where you run into rotted sheathing, eaves extensively damaged by water, or underlayment that needs replacing, you may want to call in a roofing contractor.
To make your own roof repairs, all you really need are the proper tools and materials, a little dexterity, and adequate time to do the work properly.
Best Roofing companies in San Diego, CA
Even if you've never been on a roof before, with proper caution you should be able to replace missing shingles or broken tiles, renail loose shingles, or repair gutters and fleshings. Replacing small areas of rotted sheathing in the attic, or splicing a damaged rafter with a "sister" rafter may also be well within range of your skills and experience.
If you're looking at a roof that has suffered extensive damage, or one whose slope is threateningly steep, or if you simply aren't interested in doing your own work, you're wise to engage a contractor.
He or she probably has experience in correcting structural problems, repairing damage done to large areas of sheathing and underlayment, and replacing sizable sections of surface materials damaged by wind, rain, or falling branches.

Choose a contractor as you would if you were going to have the whole roof replaced. Investigate. Get bids from several different contractors, and ask for several references covering work they've done that's at least 2 years old. Then, after you've followed up on the references and chosen a contractor, see that a detailed contract is prepared and signed.

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